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Welcome to the JustRuns 4WD Club.


Our members and guests range from novice 4 wheelers with near stock vehicles to experienced drivers with highly modified vehicles.  We welcome all 4 wheelers and invite them to attend our runs.  We are a very active group and we have several runs scheduled each month.  JustRuns NEVER charges for participation.  


There are no requirements to become a member.  All one has to do is to create a Free Yahoo ID, go to Yahoo Groups and search for "JustRuns".  Then click on “Join this Group” on the JustRuns Yahoo Home Page.

Anyone  may view our Run Schedule, Files and Calendar.

To Post Messages on the Group Bulletin Board:
You must Join the Group using your own Yahoo Identity.  Yahoo Identities are FREE!  Go to
Yahoo! Registration  and create your own identity. 

 All bulletin board messages are reviewed by a Moderator before they appear on the Board to make sure they comply with our Posting Instructions.  Sometimes there is a delay after you post them before they appear on the Message Board.  Please be patient.

Sometimes messages are edited to make them comply with the posting rules.  From time to time messages are not approved to appear on the Board.  When that happens the Moderator will inform the originator why the message was not approved.

 Run Announcements:

Any member can post a Run.  The leader of each run will post a Run Announcement on the Bulletin Board giving details about the run and information on exactly when and where to meet.  There is NEVER a charge to go on our runs.  Anyone can go on any of our events as long as they have the REQUIRED EQUIPMENT as well as any  Equipment required based on the Difficulty Rating or Additional (Special) Equipment specified by the Leader in the Run Announcement.  The Run Leader has final say about what “Special” equipment might be required. 

Please see our Required Equipment list and our Trail Difficulty Rating for each Run.

To avoid embarrassment, please make sure you have all the “Required Equipment” as well as the proper equipment for the indicated difficulty and any special equipment specified before arriving for a Run.  Also, please arrive at the meeting place in time to prepare your vehicle for the run so as to not delay the group from leaving at the posted departure time.

 JustRuns NEVER charges for participation.  Occasionally our runs will be in conjunction with another group's event.  That other group might have a charge for participation.  JustRuns never shares in those proceeds.