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For Safety reasons, CB Radios are REQUIRED in every vehicle on JustRuns events.  No other type of radio is acceptable as a substitute for this REQUIREMENT. 


Many of our members have HAM Radios in their vehicles in addition to the Required CB Radio.  Those HAM Radios have proven to be very useful when groups get separated or when CB reception is not adequate.  They have also been instrumental in several emergency situations while on runs.  In one case having a HAM radio likely helped save the life of a young boy we encountered who had been in a tractor accident.  We used the HAM radio to summon medical help.


We encourage interested members to obtain their license and to install HAM Radios in their vehicles.


Getting your HAM license requires a little study but really isnít hard.  Knowledge of Morse Code is no longer required to obtain the basic Tech license.  A good HAM radio costs about $150 and a good antenna another $50. 


Keep in mind that having a HAM Radio in your vehicle does not satisfy the Required CB Radio.




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