JustRuns Bulletin Board Posting Instructions

        This Group Bulletin Board is for messages/replies intended for the group as a whole, not for messages directed to an individual. 

  1. Email messages for the Group to: justruns@yahoogroups.com

  2. Only messages Relevant to 4 Wheeling or Camping are allowed.

  3. Before Posting a Run Announcement, please review the Run Announcement instructions,

  4. No "One on One" messages.  Only messages intended for the Group as a whole allowed.  Send one on one message via email directly to the person.

  5. Include your Real Name (at least a Real First Name).

  6. Replies/Responses should be sent to the original writer via email unless the response is of General Interest to the Group.

  7. DO NOT include a copy of the original message stacked below your  Reply/Response.  Instead, provide the context for the Reply in the Body or Subject.  One should not have to read the message below to understand your Reply/Response.

  8. Use Basic English, Capitalization and Punctuation.  No "Texting Styles/Abbreviations".

  9. No Political Discussion.  This includes 4WD related Political Discussion.

  10. Personal Ads for 4WD, Camping or Radio related items ONLY.  For Sale/Wanted  messages must include an ASKING PRICE, and your REAL NAME, at least a real First Name, Email and Phone Number .

  11. Yahoo truncates email addresses by deleting everything after the "@" sign.  If you are asking for a Response or RSVP, disguise your email address by putting in Returns between parts of your address.  eg.

All Messages are Reviewed by a Moderator before they appear on the Board.  Sometimes it takes a couple of days before they appear on the Board.  Please be patient and do not send duplicates.