We do not allow any "Political" messages on any subject on the JustRuns Bulletin Board.  This includes 4 Wheel Drive related issues.   We do not allow any message that urges members to contact their representatives or other government official in support or against an issue, including 4WD related issues.  This includes any message urging people to demonstrate or asking people to urge others to take action for or against any issue.

Posts that notify other members of a pending hearing or comment period on a 4WD related issue are acceptable as long as the message does not support a position on an issue.

The members of JustRuns happen to share their interest in 4 wheeling.  We do not necessarily share political positions on issues, including 4WD related issues.

There are many Forums on the web and elsewhere for people to express their political positions on issues and to urge political action.  Please do not post them here.