Most group's say that it is a driver's responsibility to keep the vehicle behind in their rear view mirror.

We disagree.  Our rule is that it is each driver's responsibility to keep up with the vehicle ahead.  If they can't, or if they want to stop for any reason they need to radio the leader to ask the leader to STOP or SLOW DOWN.

Our reason is, a driver should be watching the road ahead not constantly watching his rear view mirror.  The view in one's mirror is very narrow.  One can only see a few degrees of angle behind.  If a trail has a lot of twists and turns a vehicle can be only a few feet behind and not be visible in one's mirror.  We have had incidents where a driver was concentrating too much on the rear view mirror that they got into trouble themselves by driving off the trail.  Another problem is that it delays the group because drivers are stopping unnecessarily to search their rear view mirror for the following vehicle.

An exception is when 0ne comes to an intersection or where the trail may be confusing, wait for the vehicle behind to see which way you go.  If he is following closely as above that should be a very brief delay.

Some disagree with this Rule but PLEASE  follow it on our Runs.