Pre-Run Inspection Demonstration Event

Date:            Thursday, November 7

Time:            7-9 PM

Location:     MIT Drive Train Specialists 
                     1112 Pioneer Way, El Cajon


A few years ago MIT put on a Demonstration for JustRuns Members and Guests at their shop.  I think lots of people found the demonstration helpful and I've asked them to put on another one. 

This time I have asked that they demonstrate key things to look for and how to best check out your vehicle suspension and drive train before or after going on a Run.  They will also point out key items to lubricate regularly.  Since the majority of our members drive Jeeps, they will be demonstrating on Jeeps.  (Sorry if you drive something else.)

In addition I have asked MIT to demonstrate how to remove an inner front axle in the event you should break a front U-Joint if you drive a Jeep that doesn't have manual hubs.  (You MUST remove the inner front axle if you break a front axle U-Joint on a Jeep that doesn't have manual hubs.  Otherwise you risk more serious damage or injury.)

If anyone has other  Suspension or Drive Train Question or Items they would like covered, please include them in your RSVP and we will try to get them included.

Please RSVP with your REAL NAME via email to  and put the word "Demonstration" in the Subject.  

Roger Mullins